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AJC Vanuatu – Solid ground: Adopting land value taxation in VanuatuOctober 8, 2020

AJC Vanuatu – The blockchain tipping point is here. Can we afford to miss out?September 28, 2020

AJC Vanuatu – The case for digitizing the VatuSeptember 21, 2020

AJC Vanuatu – Beyond FDI: Seizing the telework opportunitySeptember 14, 2020

Howard Aru Publications

FDI – the more sustainable socio-economic lifeline we direly need yet which we ignore or pretendApril 16, 2021 (download)

Titanic struggles to keep afloat as the Crew and Sailors go on Mass ExodusFebruary 12, 2021 (download)

Press Releases

In crisis lies opportunity: Letter to the Vanuatu governmentApril 23, 2020

Vanuatu’s removal from the FATF Grey List – a concerted country team effort

FCA In The Press

The Tax Debate, Part One: VATJuly 22, 2016

Income Tax

Presentation about Tax Administration actJune 20, 2019

Open Letter on Income Tax – FCAJuly, 2016

Vanuatu Tax Structure Report – Strategy Labs / VCCIJune, 2016

Vanuatu Revenue Review – Strategy Labs / VCCINovember, 2016

Consultation Feedback –  VCCINovember, 2016

VCCI Response – VCCINovember, 2016

Never mind what’s right for Vanuatu’s specific circumstances – Seachange Lodge – Ian G Kerr

Importing skilled workers

The Work Permits Act is Bad Law – Daily Post Vanuatu – February 5, 2019

The case for Teleworker

Thousands apply to be a Finn for 90 days in migration scheme – The GuardianDecember 25, 2020

Information on the Tax Administration Act

Tax Administration Info and Awareness Presentation November 15, 2019

Tax Administration Regulations draft October 25, 2019 (LB November 15)

Tax Administration Act No. 37 of 2018

Publications from the Reserve Bank of Vanuatu

Vanuatu National Financial Inclusion Strategy Report 2018-2023

VANUATU Demand Side Survey2016

Vanuatu MSME Finance Survey Report 2016

European Union

It’s not all about you, EUMay 1, 2021


How it is Not a Fair Game for Many Countries – Marla Dukharan | TEDxPortofSpain – Nov 19, 2020

Vanuatu in on two European Union Blacklist: why it has to changeJuly 15, 2020

Vanuatu is on the European Union Blacklist: why should we careMarch 21, 2020

Land value tax – Terence Dywer

Rethinking TaxationSeptember 25, 2015

Australia – squandering its luck – as usualNovember, 2012

The Taxable Capacity of Australian Land and ResourcesApril 1, 2003

6th Australia Vanuatu Business Forum

Presentations (180 pages)February 28, 2019

Income Tax – Terence Dywer

The OECD, the EU and Tax Fraud – but Whose?2018 / 2019

The Big Debate

Chairman’s Report

2019 Chairman’s Report

2018 Chairman’s Report

2017 Chairman’s Report

Messages from the Chairman

General Economic reports

Vanuatu Agri-Tourism Linkages: A Baseline Study of Agri Demand from Port Vila’s Hospitality SectorDecember, 2015

Links & Material

Global plan to tax Amazon, Google, Facebook could fall short, say economistsOctober 8, 2019

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