Future is in digitizing the Vatu.

key points

  • Blockchain is a little-known concept and often associated with an insecure image. However, it brings together various systems that have already proven their worth.
  • Vanuatu already knows examples of success with Blockchain in its territory through in particular to projects led by Oxfam.
  • The benefits of replacing cash with digital currency have been widely demonstrated in humanitarian interventions in the communities of Pango and Mele Mat in Efate.
  • Digital currency is a very effective solution to a real problem encountered by Vanuatu, due to a very fragmented domestic payment network.
  • No CBDC has yet to be implemented on a national scale but it is only a matter of months before it will appear in some countries.
  • The future lies in the collaboration between private providers and central banks.

Read the full article here: The case for digitizing the Vatu

From our member “AJC Vanuatu”