Ministry of Education and Training (MoET) is moving from a standalone EMIS system to an Open- Sourced Education Management Information System (Open VEMIS) since 2015. As the country as well as the global community refocuses their efforts towards Education 2030, the importance of quality education in Vanuatu is more apparent than ever. The Ministry of Education and Training Open VEMIS system begun to respond to the growing demands for quality data towards quality education and in the area of planning, management and monitoring and evaluation of the education system in Vanuatu.

This document contains relevant education statistics to measure progress towards the three policy goals of the MoET Corporate Plan 2017-2019 “ACCESS, QUALITY AND MANAGEMENT”. As with many such data collections, there may be limitations in terms of missing or complete data in some areas of educations sectors, however MoET through its business plan 2017-2018 continue to strengthen the quality of data in the Open VEMIS system to ensure all education data are captured.

This system is able to import data from other sources; as such MoET through the Policy and Planning Division keeps encouraging other divisions such as the Post School Education and Training to start making use of the Open VEMIS.

In terms of the capacity building, most MoET staffs at the Central and Provincial level has received In-house training on how to use the Open VEMIS system. The same training has been rolled out to all the school principals throughout the country in 2017 and 2018.

What major achievements are made? The Open VEMIS has the ability to record individual student and school teachers data and provide statistics reports aggregated by different levels.

Why education matters in Vanuatu

Why information is important? In our small island countries, knowledge is power, and education is the fundamental precondition for political and economic development, democracy and social justice. This report covers a holistic range of education statistics that can be relevant to you as a planner, student and more particularly to our country leaders. Information is power, where there is better data; the level of decision-making will be effectively done to the benefit of the education system in Vanuatu.