The Policy and Planning Division (PPD) of the MoET is mandated to annually produce a statistical update on the education sector to ensure policy makers and planners are informed accordingly for effective planning and decision making.

The development and use of Open VEMIS has been instrumental in strengthening the collection and reporting of all MoET’s data, ensuring information is centralised and accessible for use. However, this year marks a milestone for achieving the MoET objective for publishing a separate report containing basic tables on Education statistics. The purpose of producing the basic tables on Education statistics prior to the Digest report is, to ensure data are easily accessible in a timely manner to effectively support better planning and decision making. Data published in this report will then be used as the basis for compiling the Annual Digest reports, which will later be published.

Open VEMIS database is designed purposely to achieve the objectives of data quality which are Completeness, Accuracy and Reliability of all education data. It is the aim of the Ministry to strengthen the collection processes to ensure all information owned by the Ministry are centralised and accessed only in Open VEMIS.

Though there are challenges and a limitation with data collection and entry processes, MoET central office is working collaboratively with Provincial Education office and schools to ensure all data are completely and accurately stored in Open VEMIS. Given the importance of data quality, the Ministry is putting more emphasis to safeguard and strengthen the quality of data stored in Open VEMIS to be fit for its intended use.

Significantly, this report contains relevant informations that measure the effectiveness towards the implementation of the MoET main goals which are Access, Quality and Management.

All informations published in this report are sourced from Open VEMIS and it has been collected through the data collection process outlined in the school census cycle conducted annually through Open VEMIS as a tool for collection and including data validation exercises. However, the informations on PSET has been collected from respective institutions, awaiting the finalization of the PSET module in Open VEMIS before PSET providers can have access to directly upload data into the system.

This report captures basic information for ECCE, Primary, Secondary schools and PSET providers, on Enrolments, Teachers, Schools, as well as Facilities data which are specific only for Primary schools. Survey on secondary school facilities currently being conducted and data are yet to be entered into Open VEMIS. All information published are from year 2016 to 2019, while few tables are containing information for 2014 and 2015.