The purpose of this paper is to present to the Government of Vanuatu the concept of a new way of working with VCCI. This paper looks back at 2020, notes the challenges which the country has faced, and how it has coped. It then looks forward to 2021, proposing how we transform the way in which the public and private sectors work together for the benefit of the whole country. This vision focuses on the big picture, whilst acknowledging the complexity and difficulties of the current situation.


A genuine transformation in how the public sector (being the Vanuatu Government and its subsidiaries) and private sector (being registered businesses, NGOs, CSOs and churches) work together, to support the short-term stability and long-term development of Vanuatu.


We suggest the following shared aims:

  1. Vanuatu remains COVID-19 free
  2. The economic disruption – both short and long-term – caused by COVID-19 is minimised as faras possible, in a sustainable manner
  3. Vanuatu remains ready to cope with any other natural disasters
  4. The public and private sector begin to genuinely work together to support the long-termimplementation of the National Sustainable Development Plan, and the National Human Resources Development Plan