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Caribbean economist Marla Dukharan has launched a new section of her website dedicated to combatting the EU’s unfair blacklisting of small countries like Vanuatu and her own homeland of Trinidad & Tobago.

EU Blacklisting: Institutional racism and bullying

The European Union’s (EU) Blacklisting policies represent indisputable examples of institutional racism and bullying. Evidence shows that the EU Blacklists are subjective and arbitrary, and depart from the stance of the global authorities on both tax compliance and countering money laundering/financing of terrorism (AML/CFT). The penalties being imposed have the potential to damage Blacklisted economies irreparably. This is nothing short of economic warfare.

We, the former European colonies, are being held to a higher standard than our former colonizers, BY our former colonizers. We are still denied the sovereignty and freedom to manage our domestic affairs — even in a manner similar to that of our former colonizers.