‘There are two ways one can help a man – up or down’ – Caribbean proverb

Which way is the European Union (EU) choosing with respect to its unilateral application of its own tax and anti–money laundering policies, on acutely vulnerable, former European colonies?

This original report by Caribbean economist Marla Dukharan takes an in-depth look at the EU’s tax and AML/CFT Blacklisting policy, how it is is being unilaterally and disproportionately applied to this former European colony, why the EU’s actions are counterproductive, brutal and discriminatory in nature, and the socio-economic damage the EU is already inflicting on Vanuatu – THE most vulnerable country on Earth, to natural disasters.

About the author

Recognized as a top economist and advisor on the Caribbean, Marla Dukharan has led discussions and published reports on the implications of EU Blacklisting, COVID-19, BREXIT, and changing US and Chinese policies, among other geopolitical developments. Marla has become a highly sought-after keynote speaker internationally on policies that foster gender equality, reduce income inequality, and promote new models of fiscal and economic resilience to create more a prosperous and sustainable socio-economic future. Marla is passionate about resolving the causes of slow economic growth and works openly to bring important issues to the forefront of public awareness, enabling the transition from attention to action on topics that directly hinder sustainable progress.