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Staying up-to-date on Vanuatu’s economic and policy issues just got a little bit easier with the help of a newly-updated website from the Financial Centre Association of Vanuatu (FCA).

The site,, offers those in Vanuatu and beyond a new way to get a clear look at the country’s financial landscape as well as to share and trade knowledge—and this time, it’s not reserved for just the specialists. The FCA has made a point to emphasize transparency and present a new window into Vanuatu in the areas of economics, finance, and policy.

“For a long time, it has been a select group of institutions—places like the World Bank, the IFC, and more—that dominated the narrative on Vanuatu to the rest of the world,” described Martin St.-Hilaire, the FCA’s chairman.

“With this website, the ideas from the FCA about the economy and other key issues can be brought to a new audience. Our hope is that the broader community, from students to business owners to interested citizens, can benefit from useful resources and shared knowledge about Vanuatu all in one place.”

The site will feature a centralized online library with not only news and commentary, but also reports, position papers, presentations, and other reference materials. These documents will allow interested parties, both in and outside of the country, to discover Vanuatu from a new viewpoint that brings on-the-ground insight and analysis rather than just statistics.

As Vanuatu’s economy continues to develop and move into the future, the Financial Centre Association’s website will continually add resources to the site utilizing the knowledge of its member organizations and other parties who contribute resources directly.

“Vanuatu’s online footprint is still relatively small, so having a place to add new materials gives us a chance to put forth content that makes a big difference in painting the full picture of this country’s growth,” added St.-Hilaire.