Beyond FDI: Seizing the telework opportunity

By September 16, 2020June 29th, 2021Foreign Direct Investment, Member Publications

Key Points

  • COVID19 has a big impact on the future of telework; many employees have telework during the pandemic and employers will maintain remote work agreements after.
  • The number of “knowledge workers” from developed countries who will become digital nomads will increase. They are looking to stay for long periods in warmer, cheaper and more attractive places as long as they have good Wi-Fi.
  • Most countries in the world do not offer a specific visa for teleworkers; these people therefore have no sustainable solutions and must resort to visas which do not correspond to their situation.
  • Bermuda, Barbados, Estonia and Georgia are pioneers and have recently introduced visas for digital nomads.
  • Vanuatu is an attractive destination for teleworkers because it is safe and COVID-free for teleworkers, but does not offer adequate visas.
  • Teleworkers are a net profit center for Vanuatu, spending money earned overseas on local businesses, as are tourists.
  • Their above-average incomes would boost investment in real estate, restaurants, shops and other goods and services in Vanuatu.
  • The presence of “knowledge workers” in our community would inspire young people to discover and learn advanced skills in technologies.
  • They could coach and share with Ni-Vanuatu knowledge workers and entrepreneurs.

Read the full article to discover 3 measures who can create an environment conducive to teleworking in Vanuatu.

Read the full article: Beyond FDI: Seizing the telework opportunity