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By March 21, 2022April 29th, 2022EU Watchlists

From Blackbirding to Blacklisting: The European Union’s Ongoing Subjugation of Vanuatu

Marla Dukharan explains once again, with thorough details, why EU behaviors toward small island nations must be denounced and fought.

The video is 1hour 30 minutes, during the first 50 minutes you can listen to Marla Dukharan analysis of the situation.

If you have only a few minutes available, please watch from Minute 40 to Minute 43. These 3 minutes are about what to do, how to respond, and change the world. 

Also quite powerful is also the suggestion from minute 47 : 

And the conclusion, the last-minute start here at minute 48 : 

The full video is here:

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