On September 9, some of our members had the pleasure to attend a training session on digital assets with Loretta Joseph, a renowned advisor to financial regulators across the world. She’s currently working with the Vanuatu Financial Services Commission which was hosting the event. Watch it below!

Spanning a 25-year career, Loretta has tremendous exposure to global financial markets, multiple asset classes and emerging market environments. After buying her first Bitcoin for $40 – which gives an idea of her time spent in the field – she became a sought-after expert on cryptocurrency, and she has advised a number of government regulators and global organizations on the responsible adoption of financial technology. 

From the first minutes of the video, Loretta’s experience on the subject clearly shows, as she effortlessly gives clear explanations on concepts that are can be notoriously difficult to untangle. Her exposé is a rare opportunity for people who are not too savvy with either tech or finance to understand what digital assets are all about, and what’s in it for Vanuatu.