Dear all DSP & CIIP Agents,

Recently the Citizenship Commission has received numerous complaints regarding malpractices of some of the designated DSP and CIIP Agents deliberately promoting and/or selling DSP and CIIP Citizenship fees or prices under the required selling prices as prescribed by the Regulation Orders of said programs.

The Commission received such complaints with substantiated evidence that such practices have been going for a while. If this situation continues, the Commission will take action to terminate any DSP or CIIP Agent based on the Contract they signed.

In addition, it is very clear that the duty of the Commission is to remind all Agents under clause 4(1)-(e) of DSP Contracts and paragraph (iii) of CIIP Contracts about the selling prices of each program. These provisions allow for fair and just promotion of Vanuatu Citizenship programs on the market. Since the reputation and quality of service of the programs are essential, it is our grave concern that all designated Agents must adhere to all fees as regulated by the Orders.

The Commission reaffirms its position under the Contracts and Regulations to continue reminding all Agents that non-compliance by under-selling by the Agents will definitely be dealt with by the Commission following this reminder.

Allan Liki,
Secretary General
Citizenship Office & Commission