The 2020 VCCI Employer’s Guidebook condenses the content of previous additions, and includes updates on legal developments through court judgements and legislative amendments in Vanuatu. New sections have been added to help employers understand obligations on health and safety in the workplace and the legal requirements for employing non-citizen workers. With the aim of making the guide more accessible to Vanuatu’s diverse range of employers, you will find some some of the content restructured, a new design approach, language versions in English, French, and Chinese (Mandarin), and the online version and tools available at

What’s in the Employer’s Guidebook? 

The purpose of the Employers Guidebook is to assist employers in complying with Vanuatu’s employment and labour laws, and to provide employers with tools to be responsible employers.

Who is the guide designed for? 

This guide is designed for use by all employers in Vanuatu with the focus on individual employment relationships and contracts. These are the most common type of employment relationships in Vanuatu and most often take place in small to medium businesses, although we hope that large organizations will also find this guide useful.