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The Vanuatu Government has appointed CS Global Partners, an international company based in London, United Kingdom to support its citizenship programs.

Its website touted CS Global Partners as the world’s largest government advisory and marketing firm, specialising in residency and citizenship by investment solutions. The firm works closely with governments and advise professionals on the best programs for their clients.

The appointment was made after the decision was endorsed by the Council of Ministers.

Chairman of the Vanuatu National Citizenship Commission (VNCC), Ronald Warsal, disclosed the company’s name to Daily Post this week.

The VNCC chairman affirmed Global Partners is a leading international citizenship by marketing consultancy.

Warsal explained that given concerns raised by EU in relation to the citizenship program, this company will assist in improving the program.

In its partnership with the Vanuatu government, CS Global Partners’ responsibilities include promoting Vanuatu’s citizenship program in the international market, providing strategic marketing advice, developing and implementing the marketing and promotion plan, recommending strategies to manage risks internationally and locally, evaluating the citizenship options and how to enhance the citizenship by investment options. It will also protect the reputation of the programs and enhance the due diligence checks of the programs.

There are several other countries who are also operating similar citizenship programs. Vanuatu will have to be one step ahead, Warsal pointed out.

The Citizenship chairman admitted that last year was a challenging year for both programs — the Development Support Programme (DSP) and Vanuatu Citizenship Contribution Program (VCP).

But despite issues of COVID-19 pandemic and the corresponding bank, National Bank of Australia’s withdrawal from National Bank of Vanuatu, the government through the programs raked in VT11, 647, 079, 876.

While the revenue generated exceeded the 2021 target, it was less that what was generated in 2020. In 2020, Vt12.2 billion were raised from sales under the citizenship programs, from January until mid-December.

According to the programs monthly revenue report for 2021, the programs generated just over VT1 billion in six respective months.

The lowest revenue made was in the month of May 2021. An amount of VT693, 766, 922 was made.

The revenue exceeded the 2021 target.

This year, the government projected an amount of VT9.7 billion that will be generated from the programs.