Our Vision

Achieving excellence and innovation for the sustainable development of Pacific Island Countries.

Our Mission

  • To provide Pacific people with a comprehensive range of excellent and relevant tertiary qualifications;
  • To deliver the benefits of advanced research and its applications;
  • To provide communities and countries in the Pacific region with relevant, cost effective and sustainable solutions, including entrepreneurship, to their main challenges; and
  • To be an exemplar of tertiary education for the Pacific Islands in quality, governance, application of technology and collaboration with national tertiary institutions.

Our Values

  • Commitment and loyalty of staff and students to the institution and the region;
  • Highest standards of governance, leadership, academic freedom, integrity and transparency;
  • Highest standards of creativity, innovation, teamwork and flexibility in the pursuit of excellence;
  • Investments in staff, rewarding staff excellence, and empowerment of all The University of the South Pacific (USP) teams;
  • Respect for distinctiveness and diversity in our Pacific heritage and its development, preservation and dissemination;
  • Commitment to regional cooperation and integration;
  • Positive and inclusive learning and living environments for student excellence;
  • Support for flexible learners in all locations for success in work, life and citizenship;
  • Protection and nurturing of the environment;
  • Strong relationships to guide engagement with national governments, Pacific communities, and development partners; and
  • Demonstrate humility in performance, learn from others, value the trust given, and honour Pacific knowledge, contexts and aspirations.